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AlphaOne / AquaBead Mashimizu System


Starting at $1,895.95

AlphaONE / AquaBead Mashimizu System *

Pond Pumps

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Vortek SS Delux PreFilter

PrePlumbing Package



AlphaONE / AquaBead Mashimizu System:

AlphaOne Media – Best for overall water quality and clarity. Ideal for less frequent backwashing (Recommended).

Aquabead Media – Best for superior polishing of water and quality. Ideal for more frequent backwashing.

The Mashimizu is the answer for Pure Water. Everything that we know about what it takes to make Pure Water for a pond is included in the Mashimizu package.

For good water in a pond you need Prefiltration that comes before the pump so debris is separated prior to the pump and is not “pureed” into a high organic froth. This is provided by the Vortek SS Delux. Water enters the Vortek SS Delux first as it comes from the pond.

Next the water flows to one of the Artesian2 energy efficient pumps. These pumps flow alot of water and use a minimal amount of electricity. These pumps can save you several hundred dollars a year in electrical costs.

Water then flows to the heart of the system, the AquaBead or the AlphaONE filter, which acts as a Biological and Mechanical filter. Here in the AquaBead/AlphaONE filter beneficial bacteria lives to perform the Biological portion of its job. As the Bacteria coats each individual bead within the filter the Mechanical part of its job is performed as the beads become sticky with biofilm. As the water passes through the filter these “sticky” beads grab even the smallest of debris particles.


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