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AlphaOne and AquaBead Plus Pond Filtration Systems


This system is what started it all back at the beginning of the pre-packaged pond filters trend.

These pre-plumbed and easy to assemble complete filtration systems eliminate hassle as the hard work has already been done for you. These have been the best-selling pond filter systems in America for a reason.

We’ve taken the work out of choosing just the right components for your pond for decades of worry-free enjoyment.

Take a look at what you get in one of our PLUS Systems.

Aquabead and Alpha-One PLUS Systems include all of the following:


  • AquaBead or AlphaONE Filter in Various Size
  • An Energy-Efficient 2-Speed Pump or Pump Upgrade of Your Choice
  • A Zapp-Pure Stainless Steel High-Intensity UV Sterilizer
  • Package includes plumbing, pipework, unions and all connections with an all-weather pad ready for you to set up and enjoy.
  • Note: Pictures shown may include optional AquaSieve2 Prefilter.

AlphaOne Filters

AlphaONE 1.75 Filter

AlphaONE 2.50 Filter

AlphaONE 4.25 Filter

AlphaONE 6.0 Filter

AlphaONE 10.0 Filter

AlphaONE 10.3 Mega Filters-Now with New Super Hi Flow Multiport Valve Image

X2 AlphaONE Filter

Megladon 33 33 Cu. Ft. AlphaONE version filter

AlphaOne LH Filters

AlphaONE LH 1.75 Filter

AlphaONE LH 2.50 Filter

AlphaONE LH 4.25 Filter

AlphaONE LH 6.0 Filter

AlphaONE LH Filters

AlphaONE LH Sizing Information

Medusa AlphaONE LH Filter

AlphaONE LH 10.0 Filter

Aquabead Filters

AquaBead 1.75 Filter-New for 2018!

AquaBead 10.0 Filter

AquaBead 2.50 Filter

AquaBead 4.25 Filter

AquaBead 6.0 Filter

X2 AquaBead Filter