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What's the difference between Koi and goldfish?

Koi and Goldfish are both in the same family.  Koi vary in coloration All Koi have the same body type, but can grow up to two to three feet in length.

Most goldfish are typically orange in color, some can also have black, white and calico colors.  They come in a wide variety of body shapes, but stay relatively small in size.

What kind of food should Koi eat?

Koi should have high protein Koi food in the Summer months or when temperature’s are above 60 degrees. When the water temperature is between 52 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit, they should have easy to digest wheat germ based Koi food.  Stop feeding your Koi when water is below 52 degrees.

Does the size of the pond affect a Koi's growth?

The size of a pond will not affect a Koi from growing.  The size of the pond, along with other factors like health, feeding, water temperature and water quality affect the speed of their growth.  A Koi will keep growing until it has reached its genetically predetermined size.

How many Koi per Thousand Gallons pond can I have?

Typically, you can have 10 small Koi per Thousand Gallons, however as some grow larger, you may have to increase your pond or find another home for them.

We recommend the following GPK (gallons per Koi) rates based on their size:
Small Koi (2″ – 8″): 100 – 150 gallons
Medium Koi(8″ – 14″): 250 – 300 gallons
Large Koi(14″ – 24″): 400 – 500 gallons
Jumbo Koi(24″ – 36″): 750 – 900 gallons

How often do I have to clean the pond?

If your filter system keeps the pond clean and no leaves or other debris are in it, then won’t have to clean it out.  If your pond is poorly filtered and waste accumulates on the bottom, it should be cleaned every couple weeks.

Why is my pond water brown in the spring or after it rains?

Brown pond water is caused by tannins that leach into the water from leaves and wood chips.  Landscape around the pond to prevent rain water from flowing through the wood chips and into pond.  Also, keep leaves out of the water in the fall.

When can I start up my pump/pond?

You can start the pond up when the temperatures stay above freezing for a couple weeks.  The best time to start up the pump is when the air temperature stays between 50 and 60 degrees F during the day.  If you have a pond problem, you do not want to get wet when it is very cold outside.