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Koi Pond Filters

Welcome! At 1 KOI POND FILTER we are dedicated to helping you keep the most beautiful, clean & healthy, crystal-clear KOI pond all year long, that’s also easy for you to maintain and enjoy.

We offer only the BEST KOI POND FILTERS, UV’s and pumps in a variety of sizes to match your pond needs. We have over 15 years experience working with hundreds of KOI Pond and Water Gardens (Including the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C.)

Be sure to check out our Aquabead and Alpha-One complete koi pond filtration systems and other solutions (at the best prices) and feel free to contact us by phone with any questions or to help design a trouble-free custom filtration solution for your pond.

Discover How To Improve the Clarity of Your Pond and the Brilliance of Your Koi

“Crystal-Clear Water All Year Long… Guaranteed!”

1 Koi Pond Filter – Preferred by Koi Keepers.

We’ve been in the water gardening and koi pond filter business for over 15 years, and have both serviced and helped hundreds of pond owners enjoy a cleaner, cleaner, more trouble-free pond experience during this time.

When the Japanese Embassy in Washington D.C. needed help with their 50,000-gallon pond and hundreds of gorgeous koi, they called us first! And as one of the largest koi pond filter dealers in the country, we know what will work best for your koi pond or water garden.

We specialize in and recommend the Aquabead and Alpha One pond filters by GC Tek as we’ve found them to be the best value, best performing, and most reliable long-term filters that we’ve ever used (We have units on our ponds that have been running continuously for over 10 years now and still going strong, with ‘gin-clear’ water). 

Imagine having crystal-clear water in your fish or koi pond all year round, with very little maintenance so that you’ll be able to get more enjoyment out of your pond (without having to deal with those other smelly and messy filtration systems).

With an average of a Ten-year lifespan, consider your investment in one of our state-of-the-art pond and koi filtrations systems one of the best you’ll ever make

Contact us today at 1-800-764-3623 to help us custom configure your ideal pond filter for your fish or koi pond and to start enjoying a hassle-free pond with ‘gin-clear’ water all the way to the bottom within days of installation.